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Paulson Construction is prepared to meet the needs of both public and private customers. We have extensive experience working in the public sector on all types of fixed works projects. Private projects for individuals as well as large corporations such as Pacific Gas & Electric and SBC range from home site and subdivision development to construction of large underground infrastructure systems for power and communication facilities. We are available to help you assess your project needs and create a critical timeline for successful completion.

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Paulson Construction contact information:

Paulson Construction

P.O. Box 339
Albion, California 95410
Tel: (707) 937-0492
Fax: (707) 937-3426


Paulson Construction, also known as Paulson Excavating, Inc., has been providing general engineering construction services in Northern California since 1977 to both private and public agencies. Please contact us for more information regarding the specific requirements of your project.

Contractor License # 425362. Classifications: A, HAZ, C61/D31, C-10

Paulson Construction, Inc. is a leader in underground construction in Northern California. With offices in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, we are well positioned to serve the Bay Area north to Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Our services include: General Excavation, Land Clearing & Grubbing, Grading, Road Improvements, Storm Damage Repair, Erosion Control, Demolition, Irrigation Systems, Potable Water Systems, Septic Systems, Ponds, Water Mains, Hydrants, Pump Stations, Fuel & Storage Tank Removal & Installation, Contaminated Soil Removal, Soil Remediation, Soil & Groundwater Testing, Asbestos Pipe Removal, Construction in Lead & Asbestos Contaminated Environments, Curtain Drains, Rip Rap Structures, Welded Wire Retaining Walls, Soldier Pile & Lagging, Gabions, Structural Fills, Horizontal Boring, Soil Stabilization, Underground Vaults, Power & Telephone Manholes, Underground Utility lines & Pole Line Construction, Street Lights and Signal Light Interconnect Systems. Paulson has been recognized by State Workers Compensation Fund and NCBE Workers Comp Trust for Safety Excellence. Paulson Construction is licensed for HAZMAT projects. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are strictly adhered to using State mandated Best Management Practices (BMP). All of our field personnel are trained in the proper use and installation of various organic and geotextile products to minimize erosion.